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  • Instant Translation Translator 2.1

    Translate text directly from your taskbar into and from English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, simplified
  • BabelFish Instant Translation 1.93

    BabelFish Instant Translation is a free web-based multilingual translation application. It is the most easy, highly customizable, and quick Firefox
  • Translation Pad 1.5

    Translation Pad is a simple internet machine language translation software. Translation Pad supports the following language pairs: english to
  • Translation Panel

    Use the Translation Panel Firefox extension to easily add web translation features to your browser. Using Translation Panel an input text can be
  • Ini Translation Utility

    Ini Translation Utility is a very useful program, used to translate and maintain translated .ini compliant language files, used by the major part of
  • Translation Wizard 1.0

    Translation Wizard is a tool that can translate entire documents from English to Spanish or vice-versa. The program automatically removes accents in
  • Ashkon Translation Pad 1.96

    Translation Pad is a simple internet machine language translation software. Translation Pad supports the following language pairs: English to German,
  • Google Translation Bar 1.4

    This is a Google Chrome extension to add Google translation to the bar and translation current PaGE into another language you
  • Translation manager 2.34

    Translation manager is a multilingual sentence look up tool designed to help you translate sentences. It does not Attempt to automatically translate a
  • Fast Translation 1.07

    Easy tranlation tool using Google Translate. Select text and right click to translate. Press CTRL+SHIFT+L to open Translation Window. Supported
  • Quick TransLation 13.6

    * Quick TransLation (qtl) is a free, open-source Firefox extension. * Quick TransLation (qtl) lets you Translate text in the easiEST way. * In
  • Translation Dictionary Toy 1.1

    A game that shows translations on your desktop for several thousand words. Has several different languages to practice - to and from
  • Alternate Translation KIT 1.005

    This program allows you to translate "Alternate Tools"-programs into other languages. A wizard helps you to find the desired program and to add
  • Translation Window 1.7

    Ctrl+Alt+D activate translation window. You can translate from some languages to your selected language which supported by Google translrate. -
  • Quick TransLation-qtl 15

    The most easy to use translation extension. Simply select any word with your mouse and a translation box will
  • Translation 1.0

    Not much to say about this, it opens a new tab with to translate the selected text. is a german-english dictionary, which shows
  • Translation into Occitan 1.1

    Add-on in order to have Firefox in Occitan (regional language from France, Northern-Spain and
  • Translation Utility for .NET 1.0

    The Visual Antidote Translation Utility (VATU) resides on top of existing ASP.NET website and applications without affecting their underlying setup
  • Translation Office 3000 8

    Translation Office 3000 is advanced accounting, marketing and project management tool for language translators and small translation agencies. TO3000
  • EventLog Translation Service

    WinAgents EventLog Translation Service is a server that monitors the Windows event logs and forwards the events for further processing. The program
  • Translution translation software 2.0.2

    Communication with speakers of other languages has become much easier thanks to Translution's new Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) technology.
  • Online Translation Helper 1.00

    The Online Translation Helper is an easy way to translate any foreign web-site. It becomes a part of your Internet Explorer so there's no need to
  • Carabao DIY Machine Translation Kit 0.29

    Carabao (full name: Carabao Do-It-Yourself Machine Translation Kit) is a completely open machine translation toolkit. It allows creation of your own
  • IdiomaX Translation Suite 6.00

    IdiomaX Translation Suite is an intelligent translation application that lets you translate virtually anything that crosses your desk: web pages,
  • PROMT Translation Agent 1.0

    PROMT Translation agent (PTA) is free online translation tool easily installed on any PC to provide instant translation for seven European languages -
  • IdiomaX Translation Assistant 6.00

    You'll never be stuck for words again with this translation software installed on your computer. It's like having a multilingual assistant at your
  • Bangla Translation of Quran 1

    Bangla Translation of Quran 1 is a free program which is used for reading Bangla, Arabic, and English text at the same time. You can hide Arabic and
  • Aesop`s Fables - A New Translation

    Aesops Fables A New Translation by V. S. Vernon Jones, With an Introduction by G. K. Chesterton and Illustrations by Arthur Rackham. Published in
  • The Tibetan Translation Tool 3. 2. 2001

    The Tibetan to English Dictionary and Translation Tool takes Tibetan language passages – which can be cut and pasted in, typed in Wylie
  • Subtitle Translation Wizard 4.1

    Subtitle Translation Wizard can help you translate subtitles. The program supports editing and translating SRT and SUB translation files. This is very
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  • PO Auto-Translator 1.0.4240.37728

    PO Auto-translator is a freeware utility we created as an adjunct to our Resource translation Toolkit. PO Auto-translator reads an existing po/pot file and automatically translates the strings using the language setting
  • Click Translator Site License

    Click translator is a tool that provides instant translation of your selected text in 12 major languages. All you have to do is to select text from anywhere on screen and with one keystroke you will get its translation
  • SYSTRAN Premium 5.0.0430

    SYSTRAN Premium translator is the most powerful and advanced professional translation software product available for the PC.Worldwide translation technology leaderInternet portals as well as many multinational
  • Portable Google Translate Client 5.0.517

    Google Translate is a trendy utility intended to be a free translator for Windows, which enables the fast translation of text in the majority of applications. It is one of the most popular computer-aided translation
  • Fluency 2.13

    Fluency is a state-of-the-art translation application built with the translator in mind. It enhances a translator's speed and accuracy by bringing many useful translation tools into one intuitive interface. Fluency's
  • TransDict 1.0

    translator for translation from English,German,Italian etc. translator working with databases encoding UTF-8, which are terms original and translation separate tabulators "TAB".
  • IM-Translate lr.01.00

    IM-Translate is an intuitive machine-based language translator. Better than dictionary translation, IM-Translate??????? uses patent pending technology to conjugate verbs, interpret instant message jargon, and perform
  • IdiomaX Mobile Translator 5.00

    IdiomaX Mobile translator 5.00 offers an effective tool which helps you to convert your Pocket PC or Smartphone into a mobile translation device that goes everywhere you do. Translate text, consult dictionaries, and
  • translator-fixed

    translator is a web translation extension that allows you to translate any web PaGE into nearly any language at the click of a button. translator (fixed) supports Google automatic language detection. To use it, make
  • SAAS Translator 1.0.8

    The quickest, easiest and cheapest translation of a Website or a Web program can be done with SAAS translator. No source code changes are necessary, and anybody with language skills can conduct the translation. The
  • Linguarde 2.8

    Free language translator for Microsoft Windows which enables the fast translation of text in the majority of applications, such as Adobe Acrobat, Outlook, Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, and Firefox using the Google
  • My Personal Translator

    Language translation Software allows you to Translate Word Documents between 14 Language Pairs. You can even Translate Foreign Web Sites while surfing. Translate Text, RTF and Microsoft Word documents between 14
  • HyperTranslate 2.1.2

    Advanced Inline translator: Select the text then press selected key to translate selection. ==Key features== ?? exact positioning according to the selection ?? absolutely customizable bubble (pop-up) ?? Fast
  • ICQ Translator 2.0

    ICQ translator 2.0 is an effective tool which offers instant translation of messages and other texts in major European languages. Major Features: With ICQ translator you can chat with your friends on ICQ, AIM, MSN and
  • DocTranslate

    DocTranslate is a Microsoft word and power-point translator. It allows to automatically translate (via Google translate or Microsoft translator) in one click your documents without losing the layout. After the
  • everygain Translator 1.0.4

    he main advantage in comparison to other online translation tools (like the Google Toolbar) is that you don't have to translate the whole PaGE and can select the part of the text you want to get translated. Twitter,
  • IdiomaX Language Translator

    The Language translator software can actually learn your patterns over time, resulting in progressively better translations. The translator is more precise than other language translation software. It's an intelligent
  • Projetex - Project Management Software for Translation Agencies 2006

    Projetex 2006 is Project Management Software for translation Agencies. It tremendously simplifies task of managing in-house translators and freelance translators, data and files sharing within translation agency and
  • DualClip Translator 1.7 Beta

    DualClip translator provides translation of selected text or clipboard contents, with Google translator. Automatic translation can be made in both directions of the languages. You can send the text directly to the
  • Multilizer .NET Translator 2011

    Multilizer .NET translator is very-easy-to-use tool for translating .NET applications to foreign languages. The tool is designed for translating all Windows applications written with .NET framework. Multilizer.NET
  • Client For Google Translate

    Google Translate Client is a free translator for Windows which enables the fast translation of text in the most applications, such as Web Browsers, Office apps, Messengers and etc. using the Google Translate service.
  • Projetex Translation Agency Workstation 2006

    Projetex 2006 is Project Management Software for translation Agencies and Localization Companies. It tremendously simplifies task of managing in-house translators and freelance translators, data and files sharing within
  • Babylon 10.0.1

    Babylon is the world's leading provider of language solutions, such as online and offline dictionary and translation software in over 75 languages in one simple click and is being used by millions of private users and
  • MSN Translator Pro

    With this MSN Translate tool, you can send and receive messages in translation instantly, you will not be worried about chatting with people who speak foreign languages. You can conduct instantaneous discussions with
  • GlobeTrans 1.0

    Free translator for translation from and to afrikaans, arabic, armenian, basque, brazilian_portuguese, bulgarian, byelorussian, corsu, croatian, czech, danish, dutch, english, esperanto, estonian, fijian, finnish,
  • Word Magic Translator Professional Plus

    This is the only translator by Word Magic Software that includes the more enhanced features and technologies used for best translation nowadays. It even shows you the images to retrieve actual meanings of words to be
  • Lingoes 2.9.1

    Lingoes is an easy and intuitive dictionary and text translation software, It offers lookup dictionaries, full text translation, Capture word on screen, translate selected text and pronunciation of words in over 80
  • Ace Translator 2.2

    Ace translator is an easy-to-use translation tool for your daily multilingual needs.It employs the state-of-the-art machine language translation power of the Altavista BabelFish translation engine, and enables you to
  • TradeManager Translator Pro

    1. Alibaba TradeManager is the most famous IM for Chinese international trade. With it you could find all kinds of oppotunities to have business with Chinese wholesalers and providers. TradeManager translator Pro can
  • Oblivion Translator 1.4

    Features:Edit All .esp and .esm files to translate it into another language,Modify file version, type and master file list, Automatically translate files with a translation database (55 Mo)Use Google translate to do a